Cast List

Current and Past


Rowan Araki


Goddess of flowers, unofficial leader of the scooby gang, professional waif View Profile

Amata Himmelreich-Soto


God of Night, mortal goddess of fashion, video game junkie View Journal

Anastasia "Ana" Bronson


Amazon Queen, about to be an awesome biomedical engineering queen of saving the fucking world View Journal

Rising Up

Ryo Maki

wants to go to all the places

Achilles Biochemist student View Journal

Golden Hour

Rowan Mata

Golden Hour Adept

Grumpy adept, lost against werewolves, heretics, and keeping his friends together View Journal

Iseut Aronine

Daughter of the Aronine House

Would rather be hunting with her falcons in the forest View Journal

Mallory Bruhn

Citadel Cancelleri

Thought his god came back! Was horribly wrong View Journal

Ad Meloria

Amata Soto

Ad Meloria Security Specialist / Public Relations Specialist

Former FBI Agent, has a thing for shoes View Journal

Mallory Bruhn

Crankiest Knight Templar. Not actually a high school student

Fuck Everything View Journal

Briar Lin

Local bookseller/Dreamwalker

Would like a night's peaceful sleep View Journal

Dr. Danute Simonis

Ad Meloria Environmental Sciencist

Would rather be with her plants View Journal


Sanna Douweis

Rune Midgard Hunter/Assassin

Amata Soto

Local Alcoholic

Fire, fashion, and romantic angst View Journal


Arunafeltz Water Oracle

She really is that dumb View Journal



Stop being amazed he can talk, please View Journal


King of the Winter Court

Leave him alone View Journal

Second Heaven

Danute I Forgot Her Last Name


Is not a horse View Journal

Amata Soto


Spoiled Princess View Journal

Shouko Something


Mostly here to annoy Agustin View Journal


Daveis Ivanov


Was the only good person amongst assassins, kings, and general immorality View Journal